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James Roman

James Roman

Game Developer

Hi there i am a 24 years old Game Developer. i start my journey as programmer when i was 17 and start using Unity since i was 20 years old, i love to made good games and i can take care of all the process of developing it, from backend to store users progress to any type of gameplay.

My blog (Spanish my main language) , where i try to teach others how to made games using Unity.



A course in what i an working on, to teach how to build a RPG game from start to finish.
The game i am currently working on


Unity FPS

WordWhale is a word base puzzle, my word here was made all the game from scratch, including leaderboars, save games using Facebook, sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, fortune wheel and Achievements, and a cool feature where you can share puzzles with your friends, you can create a puzzle word add images and send it to a friend, i made the backend using php.

A FPS game, made on my free time, i add a zombie, what can have hungry, see and hear you and a bunch of weapons to play.

Forest Defense

Apocalipse Survivor

A tower defense game.

A TopDown Shooter , you can buy another units and towers to help you.


3 Match

A game trying to imitate Criminal Case.

A 3 Match like Candy Crush

Brain Workout

Multiplayer AirHockey

a questions base game, with 3 diferent play modes, you can connect to Facebook and use the leaderboard.


A multiplayer air hockey game.



SYNAPSE is a science-fiction RPG with tactical turn-based combat, set in a post-libertarian future where governments have been deemed irrelevant and 90% of humanity live in megacities run entirely by corporations.

My work here was made the first playable demo of synapse a JRPG game inspired by XCOM battle styles, i develop all the game (turn base battles, attacks, cover effects, enemy AI, conversations and interactions).

Tools Made By Me


Generic Scroll List

Screen Shoot Taker

A abvance singleton implementation for use in Unity.


A Tool to create in a easy way components relate to list, what need to change in runing time, like friend list, leaderboards, achievements etc.


A tool to take screen shoots to your game, you can take screen shoots and share to social networks like Facebook.